Revised Site (July 2015)

Belfast Group Poetry|Networks was created by a team of individuals who played many different roles. In connection with the Collaborators’ Bill of Rights, we have asked individual team members to choose the language that best describes their work on the project.

Original Site (circa 2000)

Belfast Group Poetry|Networks builds on Emory’s original Belfast Group website that launched circa 2000. A copy of that site is still accessible via the Internet Archive. That site was also a collaborative effort, and we list here the different team members responsible for that original project. We have included their current positions—as of December 2014—in parentheses.


When the Belfast Group met, the authors read their in-progress work from “Group sheets.” These Group sheets are held by Emory’s Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library (MARBL) and the Library at Queen’s University Belfast.

For the original Belfast Group site, select poets gave permissions for Group sheets with drafts of their poems to be digitized and published. Since these are drafts, some of the poems differ from their published versions.

We are grateful to the following poets for their willingness to allow their drafts to be digitized and published:


Photographs used in Belfast Group Poetry|Networks come from collections in MARBL, the British Library, the Associated Press, The Gallery Press, Wake Forest University Press, and other repositories. Rosemary Hobsbaum kindly provided images from her family papers. Images provided by named photographers are copyright protected and included here with permission and license to use. Any further re-use by users of the site requires permission from the individual photographers.

We are grateful to the following photographers for their assistance:

Images provided by Larry Herman are copyright protected and included here with permission and license to use. Any further re-use by users of the site requires permission from Larry Herman.


In addition to the various members of the team, the following individuals provided critical information during the research process:

We are also grateful to our peer reviewers, Geraldine Higgins and Nathan Suhr-Sytsma.

Software Developed

To better represent the relationships of the authors working in the Belfast Group and to connect the information in the archival finding aids with the digitized texts, the Networking Belfast project developed software to enhance the TEI and EAD. We also updated the EmoryFindingAids site to expose the names and URIs now embedded in the EAD via RDFa. Finally, the Belfast Group Poetry|Networks site depends on content pulled from both TEI and EAD, combined with the use of RDF.

The software developed for this project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Platforms, Libraries, and Technologies

Belfast Group Poetry|Networks depends on many different different web technologies and libraries. We are grateful to forward-thinking organizations and individual developers who make free and open-source software on which other projects may be built.

The chord diagram was generated using the D3.js Chord Diagram, a layout which was in turn inspired by Martin Krzywinski’s work on Circos.

Partner Organizations

Both the original Belfast Group website and Belfast Group Poetry|Networks benefitted from partnership with other organizations. Emory University’s MARBL and Queen’s University Belfast provided the Group sheets. The Lewis H. Beck Center for Electronic Collections created the original Belfast Group site and acted as consultants throughout the creation of Belfast Group Poetry|Networks. Finally, the Networking Belfast project was carried out under the auspices of the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) in connection with its grant from the Mellon Foundation.

Publications, Presentations, and Press

Belfast Group Poetry|Networks has appeared in various venues.