Chord Diagram

This chord diagram is an alternate visualization of the same data presented in the network graph of people associated with the Belfast Group. It makes it easier to see the directed connections among the Group and the people around it. Most of these individuals either authored Group sheets or owned them. But it also takes into account people—often women—who were affiliated with the writing workshop in other capacities.

The thickness of the chords is based on the strength of the connection between the two individuals, and the color of the chord is based on the stronger or more frequent source of the connection, within our data. For instance, the connection between Derek Mahon and Seamus Heaney has Heaney’s color because our collections have more letters that Heaney wrote to Mahon than the other way around. In considering these connections, it is important to remember that this visualization can only show the data that we have.

You can mouse over the name of an individual to see only the connections specific to her or him. Clicking on an individual’s name will allow you to go directly to their Group sheets or biography, if the latter exists.