Philip Hobsbaum

Philip Hobsbaum

Philip Hobsbaum reading student work with his wife Rosemary in the background

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Philip Hobsbaum, poet, critic, and teacher, was born in London June 29, 1932. He attended Downing College at Cambridge, studying with F.R. Leavis. Around 1955 he began a series of writing workshops, later known as "The Group," that met in Cambridge, London, Belfast, and Glasgow. In 1959 Hobsbaum began work on a graduate degree at Sheffield University under the direction of William Empson. From 1962 to 1966 he taught at Queens University in Belfast, resigning due to the rising violence in North Ireland and the breakup of his marriage to Hannah Kelly. Hobsbaum spent the remainder of his teaching career at the University of Glasgow. From 1966 to 1985 he was a lecturer and reader before being promoted to Professor of English Literature in 1985. He married his second wife Rosemary Philips in 1976. In addition to his teaching and writing duties, Hobsbaum began the masters program in creative writing at the University of Glasgow. He retired from teaching in 1997. He has four published collections of poetry: The Place's Fault (1964), In Retreat (1966), Coming Out Fighting (1969), and Women and Animals (1972). Hobsbaum has also published two works of literary criticism. (Philip Hobsbaum collection, 1962-1971)

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