Geographies of the Belfast Group

While the Belfast Group had a clear connection to Northern Ireland’s capital, the poets were cosmopolitan in both their poetry and personal lives. This visualization highlights the different places with which one or more members of the Group had a connection. It displays two types of places referenced in our data: locations mentioned in the Group sheet drafts, represented by a blue icon, and locations that figure prominently in a person’s biography, represented by a red icon. Locations that have both literary and biographical connections have a purple icon.

When you click on a point on the map, a pop-up displays the authors or works connected to that location. From there, you can navigate to the individual poet’s profile page, if it exists, or the text that references the location. You can also filter by an individual to see only the points related to him or her.

Since this visualization depends on incomplete data, this map is not a complete representation of places the members of the Belfast Group wrote about nor where they lived and worked.

A map of all places referenced in our data specific to the Belfast Group and the people associated with it.